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Whether you're shy or just a super-considerate person, you may feel tempted to dumb yourself down sometimes to make someone else feel better about themselves...especially guys. But this is dangerous! It's one thing to be considerate, it's another thing entirely to sell yourself short.

How do you handle those sticky situations? Are you true to yourself? Take this quiz and see how you fare!

1. You have a huge crush on a great guy in your class. The only thing is, he keeps saying "funner" which you know is not really a word. He says it like, every other sentence, and it's starting to get on your nerves. You:

You just don't say anything. Maybe after awhile, he'll figure it out, and if not? Well... nobody's perfect.
You start using the word "funner" so he'll feel more comfortable, in case he figures out he's been wrong this whole time. Besides, maybe you can even convince yourself that it sounds okay.
You finally correct him – it's driving you crazy, and he'll be better off learning correct grammar.

2. You just got a test back and you got an A! You studied really hard and you're so proud of yourself. You see a few tests around you – you're seeing mostly C's and D's – yikes! You:

Discreetly put your test away so you don't make anyone feel bad. If someone asks you how you did, you'll say, "I'd rather not say."
Put the test face up on your desk. This way people will see that hard work pays off, and maybe they'll study more next time.
Hide your test immediately! You don't want people saying "she's thinks she's so great." If someone asks you how you did, you'll lie and say you barely passed.

3. You approach your best friend in the hallway, who is currently pretending to be a ditz in order to "impress" a cute guy. You:

feel slightly guilty, you know that you do the same thing. After all, guys like to be smarter than the girls they date, right?
don't say anything until the two of you are alone. Then you tell her she shouldn't do that because she'll attract the wrong kind of guy, and might even start to believe that it's okay to be a ditz!
call her out on it, right there in front of the guy, saying "Stop that. You're totally putting on an act and you know it." Sure, she's embarrassed, but now maybe she'll remember not to do stupid things like that.

4. People talking about you would say:

She always thinks she's the smartest person in the room. Sometimes she makes others feel stupid, even if she doesn't know it.
She's fun, but sort of an airhead.
She's smart but not snobby about it; she's cool to hang around.

5. You're hanging out with a group of friends, and someone corrects a fact that you mentioned about a sports team you love. He/she makes a big deal about it, so now it would be really embarrassing for them to be proven wrong. But you're like 100% sure that you ARE right!

You say, "Are you sure about that? Because I know a lot about this team."
You don't appreciate being "corrected" by someone who clearly didn't know what they were talking about, and you want to make sure everyone knows it. Say, "You might want to check your facts before you correct someone next time. Try the internet."
You giggle, saying, "oops!" No need to insist on being "right" in front of everyone. No-one likes a know-it-all.

6. Your friend mentions something about a test that she failed. If she doesn't start scoring better in that class, she might not graduate to the next grade!

You tell her that you didn't do well on the test either…even though you got an A-. After all, you don't want to be a show-off.
You offer to help her, saying, "I did really well on that test. Do you want to go over some of it?"
You just listen. If she asks for help, you'll give it to her, but if she doesn't, you won't say anything.

7. How do you want girls to see you most?

easygoing and non-judgmental
strong and in charge – a leader
smart and trustworthy

8. How do you want guys to see you most?

smart, pretty and interesting
cute and maybe a little ditzy – that's fun, right?
the smartest, prettiest girl in class

9. You're playing beach volleyball with guys and girls, including Steve, who you are hoping will ask you out sometime. He tries to spike the ball to you, but it's way too low for you to get it over the net. And yet, somehow you manage to, and you score the winning point! After the game, your teammates congratulate you. In front of everyone, your friend Kim asks, "How did you manage that? That was amazing!"

You say, "Yeah, the set-up was almost impossible, but I just didn't give up."
You don't bring up Steve's weak set up at all, but say, "Thanks! Hey Kim, nice dive on that last round!"
You take the opportunity to stroke Steve's ego, and say, "I never could have scored if it hadn't been for Steve. I guess I was just in the right place at the right time."