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Nobody's perfect, right? There are some typos that somehow snuck by me... and everyone else involved in the book!

These were corrected in the paperback edition, but if you have a hardcover book, be sure to find these in your own copy of the book and handwrite in the correction so they don't ever confuse you!

Danica McKellar


First Edition Printing of Hardcover

p.44 - Near the top, it says "We get 2 whole pizzas plus 1 extra slice" but of course it should say: "We get 4 whole pizzas plus 1 extra slice."

p.45 - The mixed number "4 2/5" erroneously got split up between two lines... so it sort of looks like "2/5 = 22/5" - instead, the "4" should be on the next line, so that is clearly states "4 2/5 = 22/5."

p.52 - On the bottom of the page, it references "tipping over a fraction" as on p.41 - it should say p.42!

p.96 - Near the bottom, it references how "fractions are division problems in disguise" as being on p.41. It should say p.42!

p.133 - Six lines from the top, the number "8840" should be "8480."

p.137 - in the footnote, it references how to read fractions as division on p.41 - it should say p.42!

p.214 - In my handwriting for Sparky's fraction, it says "seems in" and it should say "seems in movie" like it does for Ken's fraction... I guess they cut off my writing...oops!

p.230 - The second to last line is missing a decimal point, so "161" should be 1.61", yikes!

p.243 - In "Doing the Math" it references how "Fractions Are Division" and cites p.41 - but it should say p.42! (Thanks, Crystal!)

p.288 - In the Answer Key, for "Doing the Math on p.56", answer #4, it says 286/19, but it should say 296/19. (Thanks, Amanda!)

Again, these are corrected in the paperback edition of "Math Doesn't Suck", but I wanted to make sure you could write in these corrections into your hardcover copies, so you never get confused by them!

Danica McKellar