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Extra Stuff from Danica McKellar

Teachers: For alignment of the math topics from Kiss My Math and Math Doesn't Suck with State and NCTM Standards, click here.


Here are some resources for help and inspiration... If you have any great sites that you think should get added to this list, please let us know!
Not sure how quickly they answer people's questions, but the FAQ section of this site is very interesting!

More explanations for topics that still confuse you:

Here's a very funny site with some great advice for math students:

Once you've finished your homework, here are some other great sites to visit:
These two sites can tell you about some great events in your area, where you can meet other girls your age and learn about math and science. They even have games and competitions!

You might also consider joining Math-A-Thon, a great way to help kids with cancer. Math-A-Thon is a program through St. Jude Children's Research Hospital where you raise money for cancer research by doing math problems from home and getting sponsored by friends and family, like a marathon! You can also win prizes, depending on how much money you raise, and get to see a film with Miley Cyrus, made especially for Math-A-Thon participants!

And finally, just a few sites where you can meet and hang out with other smart girls like you:

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